About Us
Main Goals
  • Maintain its decisive position in the domestic market and increase its involvement in foreign market as well.

  • Contribute to the growth of the construction industry in Ethiopia by espousing superior and safe construction industry standards as part of its operational framework.

  • Maintain a maximum level of customer satisfaction.

  • Thrive to ensure the professional development of its staff.

  • Ensure the financial endurance of the company.

  • Keep providing high quality service to satisfy our business partners.



Impact International Engineers Plc is a private limited company, established in 1999 E.C. in accordance with the Commercial Code of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE). Impact International Engineers Plc was established with the purpose of providing large-scale construction services, Real Estate Development all along the country to provide quality houses ranging from low cost to luxurious villas and contributing to the development of the construction industry in the country in general. Other business streams includes Import and Export, Resort development, Water well Drilling, Trade partnership, Agricultural Development, Industry.

The company employs well-experienced engineers and professional, since its inception, the primary motto of the company has been to complete its projects on time, deliver quality products and services. The Companyís commitment to quality, cost control and client satisfaction will be the cornerstone for its uninterrupted growth into a reputed business firm in a short period of time.

Rendering services of high quality, timeliness and cost effective management schemes are always Impact International Engineers Plc's prime and principal concern. We believe that these attributes are very important to our clients and we assure you that you will be greatly satisfied with our work. We are proud that our clients keep coming again to do business with us.

The satisfaction of clients is most important constituent to Impact International Engineers. A team of skilled managers is always available to serve our clients. Maintaining a high level professionalism and demonstrated ethical standard are the corner stones of Impact International Engineers Plc's operational framework. To this end, Impact International Engineers continuously invests in the professional advancement of its staff.

Impact International Engineers Plc always strives to stay a step ahead of its competitors by way of rendering quality products and services and by investing in the development of its staff. Impact International Engineers Plc encourages its staff to develop their proficiency and enhance innovativeness among the staff. The best indicators for the success of such a strategic direction are the rapid growth Impact Intíl has demonstrated within a short period of time and the distinguished position it has attained in the construction industry in Ethiopia.

In addition to our dedication, we continuously work to identify and espouse new technologies for the betterment and enhancement of services and products we deliver for the satisfaction of our clients.

Mission Statement

Impact International Engineers PLC is a private business company, which is legally registered under the Civil Code of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE).

It is an Indigenous enterprise whose mission is to flourish through rendering multi-facetted services to the public with a high degree of competence and reliability, and thereby contribute towards enhancing the achievement of the socio-economic growth and development of Ethiopia.

Strategic Directions

The strategic directions, which Impact International Engineers PLC espouses for achieving its mission, are:

  • Maintain technical and managerial competence at all levels.
  • Gain and establish trust and confidence among the public as well as with the state administration.
  • Gain full access to relevant information regarding new development trends locally and globally in order to make organizational adjustment and to identify potential areas of investment.

Core Values

Impact International Engineers PLC is committed to maintain high quality standards and to excel in performance in every sector the company operates. In this regard, we demand of ourselves high standards of professional competence, acquisition and deployment of advanced machinery as well as appropriate organizational set-up.

Impact International Engineers PLC values loyalty, transparency, and responsiveness.

  • We give priority to the fulfillment of the interests of our clients.
  • We preserve good quality company image through loyalty. We combine exploitation of the opportunities availed by the law promulgated to promote private investment with the demonstration of loyalty by fulfilling the obligations pertaining to observance of the law and meeting clients' needs. In this respect, we pursue to maintain good quality company image.
  • We strive to exhibit transparency in all process steps upon dealing with our tasks. With regard to this, we maintain a cooperative stance and a spirit of openness.
  • We strive to be responsive to the needs of our clients.