Which is right for you?
  • Villa A5 Option I (250 m2)
    Main function 105msq . - Living, Dining, M.Kitchen... more

  • Villa A3 option ll (350 m2)
    Main function 128 m sq. - Living, Dining, M.Kitche... more

  • Villa A2 Option IIl (500 m2)
    Main function 180 m sq. - Living, Dining, M.Kitche... more

  • LB1 (700 m2)
    Main function 188sqm, Living,dining ,M.kitchen, ... more

  • Villa A1 Option I (700 m2)
    Main function 188msq.- Living,Dining,M.Ketchen,3be... more

  • G+1 (Lux 6) (700 m2)
    Main function 210msq,Living,dining,M.kitchen,3bedr... more

  • G+1 (Lux 7) (750 m2)
    Main function 300sqm, Living,dining,M.kitchen,4Be... more


1) Who is responsible for Access roads, Electric and telephone lines, Water supply and sewage  ( Added on: Aug 01, 2008 )[top]
Infrastructures: Access road, Electric, Telephone, Water supply line are the responsibilities of the developer.

2) What kinds of design modifications does the developer allow for its clients ( Added on: Aug 01, 2008 )[top]
The developer will allow design modifications and material preferences with quality higher than the minimum standard set by the developer for the community development. However major modifications should pass through the developerís professionals.

3) Who covers the 99 years lease payment that the government requires? ( Added on: Aug 01, 2008 )[top]
The lease payment will be covered by the buyer which will be paid in 20years. The amount is small and the developer believes it will create ownership mentality.

4) What is the requirement to get Certificate of ownership? ( Added on: Aug 01, 2008 )[top]
Certificate of ownership and plans will be given for buyers up on hand over. However for bank loan purposes it will be available before that.

5) Is the whole site going to be fenced? How about each compound? On whose expenses? With what kind of material? ( Added on: Aug 01, 2008 )[top]
The site could be gated with the approval from municipality. Each compound will be fenced at the expense of the buyer. There is restriction on fence height and material. Every design should be approved by the developer.

6) What is the plan towards construction material price escalation?  ( Added on: Aug 01, 2008 )[top]
Price of basic materials Index at the time of contract signing period should be part of contract document: As a supporting document, proforma invoices for basic building materials will be collected and be made part of the contract.